• Dee Synnott Woodcraft

    Handmade in Tipperary.

    Turned bowls and cups made on a foot-powered Viking style lathe.

    Hand carved spoons. Items to buy, gift vouchers, workshops and demonstrations.


    I make handmade wooden items turned on a foot-powered lathe, and hand carved items made with axe, knife and spoon knife.

    I turn and carve locally sourced wood using age-old woodworking processes.

    I am Passionate about Traditional Crafts and the Natural world and am excited to share that love by teaching traditional woodcraft skills such as foot powered bowl lathe turning, hand carving vessels and spoon carving.

    I am also deeply interested in opening the pathways to personal capability and adaptability through making.
    I love to help others explore their own creativity and their relationship with nature through craft.

    My inspiration and motivation is threefold:

    Working on a foot-powered lathe keeps me active and deeply involves my body in the creation of these objects; wood is such a beautiful, natural material and I feel a strong connection with nature and the outdoors through working with it ; sourcing greenwood(freshly cut) from my locality helps to build community and connection with my neighbours and the Landscape.

    I started this journey with the Pole-lathe that I built when I moved to the beautiful North Tipperary countryside in 2017.

    My background includes a fine art degree in sculpture and many years as a craftsperson working for small craft companies and a family heritage of cabinet-making.

    In a stressful and weird world I find that sustainable green woodwork grounds and roots me with great benefits for my mental health and wellbeing. I want to share that connection with others.



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    Get in touch to arrange private workshops, demonstrations or order bespoke pieces.

    Dolla, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

    Some of the 2022 events to be announced in January

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    I shall be giving a few courses in the wonderful Irish National Heritage Park in Ferrycarrig Co. Wexford over the Summer of 2021

    Woodcraft Skills with Dee Synnott

    Come Learn the Ancient craft of turning a wooden bowl on a foot-powered Lathe or perhaps learn the skills needed to make a spoon using equally ancient skills.

    Dee Synnott carves wooden spoons and turns bowls, cups and locking-lidded containers on a foot-powered lathe. No sandpaper, no power tools. Dee is passionate about traditional crafts and the natural world and is excited to share that love by teaching traditional woodcraft skills such as foot powered bowl lathe turning, hand carving vessels and spoon carving.


    courses will be running on:

    20th June- Bowl Turning

    18th July- Spooncarving

    21st August- Bowl Turning


    Book a spot at:



    Please note that all courses at the park are subject to change in accordance with the Government's restrictions.




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    Immersive Woodland Spooncarving and Footpowered Bowl Turning Weekend


    March 26th and March 27th An Caora Dubh, Claggan South, Co. Donegal

    Come and play with hand tools and foot lathes. Carve a spoon and rediscover our connection to times past. Turn a bowl with the power of your own body and discover old ways and future ways. Our history as a species is bound up with our environment. A most direct way to understand our place within nature is to embrace the direct adaptive skills that we as humans are evolutionarily geared towards. Come play with the woods. Come play IN the woods. Learn old skills and feel the rhythms of the land as we feel the rhythms of crafting on a foot powered Lathe. Let’s become part of the archaeology of a place again. Carving wood and chatting and learning from one another. Each telling our stories and adding to each other’s and to the story of the lands we play in.

    With axe and knife and foot lathe and chisel. Come and learn how wood works, how we work with wood, and how the woods work with us.

    This is a full mind and body experience. It can be physical and challenging but very satisfying. The most important thing is to enjoy your experience and take things at your own pace.

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    TURNING A BOWL ON A FOOT POWERED LATHE, Our site, North Tipperary

    Join Dee for a day long workshop where he will guide you through the turning of a bowl using a foot powered lathe. This will be a physically intensive day but it will be rewarding. If you are interested in making a bowl in this way, please register your interest here and be the first to know when tickets go live

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    SPOON CARVING WORKSHOP, Our site, North Tipperary

    Learn how to carve a spoon with Dee Synnott, this workshop will take a day and you will leave with the knowledge of how to make a spoon

    Please register your interest in this workshop here and be the first to know when tickets go live



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    Wood is a very different material to ceramics or plastic, and such, it has very different qualities and needs.If soaked in water, it may absorb too much and be difficult to dry it properly, if stored too close to a heat source like a radiator, it may crack.


    Taking care of your woodenware

    1. Wash gently with warm, soapy water. (not boiling)

    2. Make sure it is properly dry before stacking it. (Drip and towel dry)

    3. Occasionally, oil the woodenware with raw food grade linseed or walnut oil, this will help the wood stay lovely for years to come.

    4. With use, the colour of the wood will change, and this change should be enjoyed. Woodware's ability to absorb colour creates a personal archaeology